Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Who are The Acorn?

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From: Canada
File Under: Indie Folk

Rolf Klausener (vocals, guitar)
Howie Tsui (guitars / visual art)
Jeff Debutte (bass)
Jeffrey Malecki (drummer)
Pat Johnson (percussion)

The AcornTuesday 23/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now

Facts to Impress Your Mates
  • Elbow's Guy Garvey named The Acorn's album "Glory Hope Mountain" his favourite album of 2008.
  • The album Glory Hope Mountain was based on the life of main-man Rolf Klausener’s mother - from Honduras
  • They have toured with Fleet Foxes, Calexico, Bon Iver and Elbow
  • Long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize and the Uncut Music Award
  • 3rd album, No Ghost, was released in June
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