Thursday, 19 August 2010

Latest news: Carl Barat, Rise to Remain, The Lines and Joe Karchud

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Another busy few days for our bands ...

First special mention to Joe Karchud - He's a local singer songwriter who's battling it out in an online competition for new musicians. He was interviewed at our very own Slade Rooms by the Express and Star where he put out an appeal for votes in an online music competition!

Do him a HUGE favour - watch this video interview (thanks to the Express and Star), vote for him and let's get this local star some national recognition!

And if you're still feeling in the giving mood, then how about swinging a text message XFM's way - to help out local boys The Lines get their song played? Text 83936 and vote for "Glorious Aftermath". The Lines are playing The Wufrun Hall on 8th October Book Now

Carl Barat's all over the music news as he and Pete Doherty gear up for their reunion at the Reading and Leeds healdine slot at the end of August.

So, lucky for us that he's already signed up for a solo show at The Slade
Rooms. Book Now

He's got a busy year in store ...

For starters - there's his new book. Called 'Threepenny Memoir', it's a collection of stories and reminisces from his life. Written in themed chapters, he talks about his life, playing in The Libertines and the problems that brought

He's also got an album out on 4th October (single "Run with the Boys" is out on the same day). It's a departure from his previous work, and saw him work with new people and try new musical ideas.

Next - whilst his dad celebrates the release of the latest Iron Maiden album, Bruce Dickinson's SON, Austin, is heading out on the road with his band metalcore outfit Rise to Remain

They're hot stuff right now, and you can catch them supporting Korn and As I Lay Dying at the Civic Hall on 9th October. Book Now

Here's what you need to know!
  • Formed in London in 2008
  • They've toured with Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, The Haunted and played Download and Sonisphere
  • Recorded debut album September-October 2009 with Justin Hill and Dan Weller of WellerHill productions
  • Album due to be released this year

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