Monday, 23 August 2010

Latest news: V2011, Yeasayer, Voodoo Johnson, Monobloggers + The Lines

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Well a few updates following a fun packed weekend all round ...

First - the BIG announcement - the presale of V2011 tickets for the 2011 event next August.

They will be on sale - at 2010 prices - from 9am Tue 24th Aug - midnight Tue 31st Aug!! -

Next - Yeasayer. Now I know we've talked a lot about them recently (previous blog post here), but they are wonderful and definitely a hot ticket this week. The band have started their own blog (all the best people have blogs ;-)) ... check it out there They're playing The Slade Rooms on Wednesday Book Now

The MonoBloggers have had a great weekend ... to quote their Facebook status - "Just did one of our best gigs in picturesque Sandwell Fest, really nice outdoor fest got the crowd going! Got then singing and wore a girls panda hat. If that girl is on FB, Cad has fallen for you. In a big way. Bring on Sept 4th x". Aww, bless. You can catch them at the Slade Rooms on 4th Sept Book Now

Onto releases and Voodoo Johnson (Slade Rooms 11 Nov Book Now) release their new album today - ‎10,000 Horses. Buy it on iTunes here - and read a cracking review of it here. And to quote the band "Don't forget to rate the album and leave a little review if you want, you can do that even if you don't buy it on itunes :)"

Finally today - The Lines release the first single from their new album (due October) today. Those nice boys have even worked out which s the cheapest place to buy the the track, Glorious Aftermath

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