Wednesday, 29 September 2010

THE LINES: album details

The Lines (who play The Wulfrun Hall on 8th October) on will be releasing their DEBUT album on the 11th Oct (watch the video for the single Glorious Aftermath below)

The Wolverhampton band - who have some serious thumbs-up from XFM - have surprised many a critic by sneaking up behind them, being brilliant and earning the reputation as one of the next HUGE things.

Wolverhampton boys, we are very excited to have them playing our legendary Wulfrun Hall venue.

Tickets here:

The LinesFriday 08/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now

So a few more details about the album itself!


Glorious Aftermath
Slow It Up
How It Should Be
Crystal Clear
Let It Go
Domino Effect
Over & Out
Half Dreams
El Matador

The album was produced and engineered by Alan Smyth at Sheffield's 2 Fly Studios with additional production from Gavin Monaghan at their home town Magic Garden Recordings in Wolverhampton (yay!)

Enemo-J picked to support Korn by Kerrang! Radio

Massive congratulations to Enemo-J .... they've been picked to support Korn at the Wolves Civic Hall on 9th October

They were pitched against other local bands to win the right to play alongside the nu-metal godfathers in a competition on Midlands radio station Kerrang!

Enemo-J are absolutely fantastic so make sure you get your ticket for the show AND get there nice and early to see these local boys in action!

Korn - Ballroom Blitz Tour 2010Saturday 09/10/2010Civic HallBook Now

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Stewart Francis: recognise him from Mock the Week?

Sure you do ... he's the VERY dry Canadian comedian who is the king of the one liner ... I challenge you not to find him funny ...

Enjoy these video clips and if you fancy seeing him live at The Wulfrun Hall on 2nd October - here's the everso handy ticket link!!

Stewart Francis - Tour De Francis 2nd dateSaturday 02/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pressure Clubnight: dubstep, DnB and Alternative

Pressure Clubnight

Pressure Vs Bass Moi, 2 rooms with Dj's playing Dubstep, DnB & Alternative.

Free Entry

its 9pm till late

Friday, 17 September 2010

Best of British Variety: a night of pure 80's retro entertainment

The list of artists performing at the Wulfrun Hall on the 26th Sept Book Now reads like a who's who of 80's entertainment. They're the names that would distract me from my maths homework on a Sunday night.

If you are a child of the 80's then you could do a LOT worse than remind yourself of a more innocent time, a time before reality TV, sattelite TV and the internet. The jokes were bad, the costumes were worse - but if you were left gobsmacked at Paul Daniels magic, or in stitches at The Krankies - then go on, swallow your noughties pride and get yourself a ticket!

If you are a little fuzzy about those days - here's a quick reminder!

Jason Cook: review

Whilst looking into Jason Cook (playing the Slade Rooms on 23rd Sept Book Now) I stumbled across this review of him at the Edinburgh Fringe

Very positive read - can't wait have see him playing in our fair city

"Jason Cook came to prominence as half of the humourless, spoof Teutonic techno duo Die Clatterschenken-fietermaus. But it's at the Stand that he's nurtured the searingly honest, intensely personal, emotionally engaged style of comedy that's cemented his reputation, prompting the BBC to film the development of this two-part show leading up to next year's festival. It also raises the hope that this criminally overlooked, frustrated comic's legacy might not be a criminal charge for being the guy who stabbed Jack Whitehall.

A suspected heart attack starts off his hour, deadly serious insofar as Cook has spoken movingly about his father's death, less so given that he's a malingering hypochondriac. Still, the incident does spark further worry about how his wife is out of his league, so much so that he's conceived a fantasy life for her with her ideal beau, Nathan.

Tales of Cook accidentally bottling a dolphin and his prima donnish flouncing at his sister's wedding forestall any sense of over-sentimentalism as he ponders what he'll leave when he's dead. The way he involves the audience in suggesting challenges for him, meanwhile, is a textbook display of engaging with your crowd."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The final 8 - MASS VOTE-OFF!!

Ok so you've following the WolvesCivic Cup over the past few months as we try to find your favourite band paying/that has played at one of our venues!

But I can't wait any more to find out the winner. Some of the battles have been TOO CLOSE to call and it's tough to decide which bands to pitch against each other ... so I'm throwing them all into the pot so they can battle it out amongst themselves.

8 bands. One winner. You decide

You have 1 week so spread the word get your friends to vote for your favourite, and we'll crown the winner this time next week!

Family Force 5
Cheap Trick Book Now

Job for a Cowboy Book Now

The Gaslight Anthem Book Now

Motorhead Book Now

Fun Lovin' Criminals Book Now

Arch Enemy Book Now

the Wedding Present

Guns and Roses: your thoughts

What are we all making of Guns N Roses nowadays?

Axl Rose's recent displays - turning up late, abusing the crowds, have left a few of his loyal followers a little miffed to say the least.

Would YOU still pay to see Guns and Roses at a big arena?

The pity is that those classic Guns N Roses hits are still phenomenal - Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City and of course Welcome to the Jungle (often voted the greatest GnR song of all time - poll below) and it's amazing to see them played live (even if not by Slash and co). However, is it enough? Would we tolerate hours of waiting around for Axl to sort himself out in order to see other musicians play these songs?

Personally, I'm holding out for a full-on reunion - it has to happen at some point, right?

What is has meant, is a great opening for GOOD tribute bands ... Uk GnR for example. See you down the front, don't forget your "I HEART SLASH" banner!

UK Guns N RosesSaturday 25/09/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Carl Barat - goes it alone

Glad to see Carl Barat making a name for himself, away from that loveable train-wreck Pete Doherty. (have your say on Barat below)

Ok so he's already proved he has more than enough talent to produce music without Mr Doherty (Dirty Pretty Things were a grat band) but now he's gone one step further and gone completely solo. However, not content to just release a single, and an album, he's putting a book out as well, which should be quite a colourful read.

The first single from his album is "Run with the Boys" (still waiting for a video though, come on!!!) but you can hear the song on his Myspace site - head over there to enjoy it

In my opinion, it sounds like The Jam

So, 'Run With The Boys' is out October 4th 2010 - the album "Carl Barat" is out on the same day.

And then there's the book -'Threepenny Memoir'. Released just ahead of the album (30th Sept) it's a collection of stories and the rest, from his life in The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things

Carl BaratMonday 25/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now

Pop + cabaret = Frisky & Mannish. WIN tickets to Thursday's show here

We have a BUNCH of tickets to give away to see this fabulous show at The Slade Rooms on Thursday night. (SHOW DETAILS HERE)

This musical double act mix pop-culture references with old style vaudeville! (check out the video clips below)

This particular show "The College Years" (review here) got rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe.

And YOU can get into the draw for a pair of tickets (10 to give away in all) to see the show in all it's glory at The Slade Rooms on Thursday night by doing one of the following:

FACEBOOK: write a comment on the Facebook event page wall- click here.
(you'll need to say you're coming along to the show to write a comment - it's ok, we won't hold you to it! ;-))


TWITTER: tweet this to your friends "I'd love to see @friskynmannish at @wolvescivic Slade Rooms on Thursday"

The competition stops at 10am on Thursday - we'll put all the names in a hat and draw 10 lucky winners!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Crystal Castles: Wulfrun Hall 11 October

Electro punk band Crystal Castles are playing The Wulfrun Hall tomorrow night! This band are such a hot ticket right now, and fierce live ... get involved!

Ticket link, album stream and music video below!

"There’s a darkness of the heart of their music that’s more dangerous and impressive than any tale they’ve ever spun or denied" The List

"Alice performs the kind of writhing self-exorcism that’s made her the realest indie pin-up known to man" NME

Here come the girls ...Nell Bryden and Imelda May

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Get ready for 2 fabulous female performers - heading to Wolv
erhampton over the next month. Helping with the whole rockabilly/blues/jazz revival - let us introduce to you - Nell Bryden and Imelda May.

We're talking ballsy chicks with voices to die for, vintage clothes, tattoos and songs about lost love, revenge and living life.

Nell BrydenSaturday 18/09/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now

Imelda MaySunday 10/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now

New Yorker Nell Bryden was raised by her classical singer mum and
artist dad - a life in performance was inevitable!

"a voice that has the power and grit to equal Joss Stone, but without the preposterous showboating" BBC Music

Well travelled, and a musician from an early age, Nell picked up rave reviews for her own material,

and in January 2004 she released her first EP ‘The Nell Bryden EP’.

The problem with an artist like Imelda May is that she’s so good, it makes a critical review almost impossible to write; her performance is flawless.” – Clash Magazine

Dublin-born Imelda May fuses rockabilly, blues and jazz and is considered one of the finest vocalists from the UK Roots music scene today.
She has released several albums, her most popular being Love Tattoo (featuring the hit single Johnny's Got a Boom Boom). In 2009 she won Best Female at the Me
teor Awards.

WolvesCivic Cup Round 2: 8 The Wedding Present V Hayseed Dixie

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(note: for regular WolvesCivic Cup voters - yes, I know this is a day late ... !! :-) )

Well Arch Enemy Book Nowgo through to the next round of the WolvesCivic Cup, after beating 36 Crazyfists Book Now

So now, in the final bout in the last 16 round, we have:

The Wedding Present
Hayseed Dixie
Book Now

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Who are The Razorbax?

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"The Razorbax are definitely a band to watch out for" Living Proof Films

The Razorbax are a 4 piece punk band from Wolverhampton.

Their debut album "Something to Believe In" was released on 15 March 2010 - dealing with issues such as unemployed, drug/alcohol addiction, love, lust, heartbreak, life and death.

Emma Scott presents THE RAZORBAXFriday 17/09/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now

Line Up:

Bucknall - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Bowen - Drums
Perry - Guitar, backing Vocals
Kitchen - Bass, Backing Vocals

Comedy is the new rock and roll

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There is SO much great comedy heading our way over the next few months, we thought we'd have a look through what's on the agenda ... so sit back, laugh and see you there!

Jason Cook - The End Pt 1Thursday 23/09/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
The Armstrong & Miller ShowFriday 24/09/2010Civic HallBook Now
Stewart Francis - Tour De Francis 2nd dateSaturday 02/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Paul ZerdinWednesday 06/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Lee Nelson's Well Good Tour - 2nd dateThursday 07/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Comedy Club: Paul McCaffrey & Nick HelmThursday 07/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Mitch Benn and The DistractionsFriday 08/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Pete Firman - Jokes & TricksTuesday 12/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Stewart Lee - Vegetable StewThursday 14/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Sean Lock - Lockipedia - Extra DateFriday 15/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Jim Davidson - Live at West Bromwich Town HallSaturday 16/10/2010West Bromwich Town HallBook Now
Al Murray The Pub Landlord - Barrel of FunWednesday 20/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Ross NobleFriday 22/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Josie Long - Be Honourable!Sunday 24/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Dara O'Briain - Extra dateMonday 25/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Jim JefferiesFriday 29/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
The Big Comedy Jam, Halloween SpecialSaturday 30/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Rich HallSunday 31/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
3 Daft MonkeysWednesday 03/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Isy SuttieThursday 04/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Jimmy Carr - Laughter TherapyFriday 05/11/2010Civic HallBook Now
Andrew Lawrence: Too ugly for TV TourThursday 18/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Alun CochraneMonday 22/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Hal CruttendenThursday 25/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Roy Chubby Brown - Live at West Bromwich Town HallSaturday 27/11/2010West Bromwich Town HallBook Now
Micky Flanagan - Extra Date Due to Demand!Sunday 28/11/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Mark Watson - LiveWednesday 01/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Felix DexterSunday 05/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Kevin BridgesWednesday 15/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Ken DoddSunday 19/12/2010Civic HallBook Now
Roy Chubby BrownMonday 20/12/2010Civic HallBook Now
Stephen K. AmosMonday 24/01/2011Civic HallBook Now
Milton Jones - 'The Lion Whisperer'Thursday 27/01/2011Wulfrun HallBook Now
Andi OshoSunday 06/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Russell Kane - Smokescreens and CastlesThursday 10/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Craig CampbellFriday 25/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Sarah Millican Chatterbox - Extra DateSunday 06/03/2011Wulfrun HallBook Now
Lenny Henry: Cradle To RaveThursday 10/03/2011Civic HallBook Now
Simon Munnery: Self-EmployedSaturday 12/03/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now