Sunday, 6 June 2010

Give me SKIN! Slade Rooms, Monday night ...

Now, hands up who remembers Skin? Yup - there you go, the rock fans of a certain age (i.e. around in the 90's) will probably remember them with fondness.

They toured with Bon Jovi, Thunder and Little Angels - releasing 5 albums before splitting in 1998.

A reunion performance at Download last year has now led to them reforming permanently - and they have got a new album ready to go - available now through their webstore HERE!

And if you're still in the dark: here's what you need to know:

  • Neville MacDonald (vocals), Myke Gray (guitar), Andy Robbins (bass), Dicki Fliszar (drums), Colin McLeod (keyboards)
  • formed in the early 1990s - originally called Taste
  • Signed to Parlophone
  • Released their debut single The Skin Up EP in 1993
  • The "Money" which peaked at no 18 in 1993, debut album peaked at no 9
  • Supported Bon Jovi in 1995 at Gateshead Stadium
  • Split in 1998, reformed in 2009
Album Track Listing

1. Bad Reputation
2. Indestructible
3. Redemption
4. Born To Rock & Roll
5. Good To Be Back
6. Stronger
7. When I'm With You
8. The Book Of Your Life
9. Trigger Inside
10. Don't Call It Love
11. Can You Feel It

Jog those memories with the video below, and follow the guys on



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