Saturday, 12 June 2010

6 things to do this month if you hate football

Yes there is the small matter of something called the World Cup which has got everyone into a bit of a frenzy.

If you love football, then surely this is going to be the best month of your life, especially if our lot do well. Unfortunately, if you're not into football, and there are some people out there like that, then it's probably going to be a month of hell. Your favourite pub (in fact, every pub) is right now a shrine to the game, and full of beered up idiots.

So here are a few OTHER things you can do to help this month fly by and avoid the lunacy:

* Festivals: So all the big ones have sold out (Glastonbury etc) but the great thing about this country is that there are music festivals EVERY weekend. So you can still get your mud/beer/music fix. There's a handy list of what's coming up

* Shopping: and this is NOT just aimed at the girls, I know plenty of guys who hate football - and everyone likes a splurge every now and again. So whether it's a new pair of shoes, or a splash out on some cool musical rare find (try Oldies Unlimited). Avoid those day-time matches by hitting the town (especially during the England matches, the shops will be deserted). During the evening games, try late night Ikea or supermarkets.

* Shoot stuff: and we're talking painballing, laser guns and that kind of stuff. Gather a group of your football hating mates, book an afternoon and go run about, get muddy and take out all your anti-football aggression!

* Get away: yes, potentially expensive, dramatic and potentially problematic (how do you escape the World Cup, fly to the moon?) but how about heading to the countryside to a little country hotel, or some far flung country? Even have dedicated an entire page to getting away from the football.

* Learn something: I'm not talking about dropping everything and heading back to uni, but how about a one day course in something you've always fancied - or take up a new hobby? With your other half/mates distracted it's a perfect opportunity to achieve some of those dreams!

* Geek out: in 2010 it's cool to be a geek. Facebook and Twitter have made it's acceptable to spend unhealthy amounts of time sat in front of a computer. That, however, is for amateurs. How about taking it to the next level and starting a blog? Try Wordpress or Blogger for FREE space and you can write about whatever you want, with pictures, video .... you never know where it may lead.

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