Friday, 17 September 2010

Jason Cook: review

Whilst looking into Jason Cook (playing the Slade Rooms on 23rd Sept Book Now) I stumbled across this review of him at the Edinburgh Fringe

Very positive read - can't wait have see him playing in our fair city

"Jason Cook came to prominence as half of the humourless, spoof Teutonic techno duo Die Clatterschenken-fietermaus. But it's at the Stand that he's nurtured the searingly honest, intensely personal, emotionally engaged style of comedy that's cemented his reputation, prompting the BBC to film the development of this two-part show leading up to next year's festival. It also raises the hope that this criminally overlooked, frustrated comic's legacy might not be a criminal charge for being the guy who stabbed Jack Whitehall.

A suspected heart attack starts off his hour, deadly serious insofar as Cook has spoken movingly about his father's death, less so given that he's a malingering hypochondriac. Still, the incident does spark further worry about how his wife is out of his league, so much so that he's conceived a fantasy life for her with her ideal beau, Nathan.

Tales of Cook accidentally bottling a dolphin and his prima donnish flouncing at his sister's wedding forestall any sense of over-sentimentalism as he ponders what he'll leave when he's dead. The way he involves the audience in suggesting challenges for him, meanwhile, is a textbook display of engaging with your crowd."

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