Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Carl Barat - goes it alone

Glad to see Carl Barat making a name for himself, away from that loveable train-wreck Pete Doherty. (have your say on Barat below)

Ok so he's already proved he has more than enough talent to produce music without Mr Doherty (Dirty Pretty Things were a grat band) but now he's gone one step further and gone completely solo. However, not content to just release a single, and an album, he's putting a book out as well, which should be quite a colourful read.

The first single from his album is "Run with the Boys" (still waiting for a video though, come on!!!) but you can hear the song on his Myspace site - head over there to enjoy it http://mysp.ac/9YSbYL

In my opinion, it sounds like The Jam

So, 'Run With The Boys' is out October 4th 2010 - the album "Carl Barat" is out on the same day.

And then there's the book -'Threepenny Memoir'. Released just ahead of the album (30th Sept) it's a collection of stories and the rest, from his life in The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things

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