Saturday, 11 September 2010

Comedy is the new rock and roll

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There is SO much great comedy heading our way over the next few months, we thought we'd have a look through what's on the agenda ... so sit back, laugh and see you there!

Jason Cook - The End Pt 1Thursday 23/09/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
The Armstrong & Miller ShowFriday 24/09/2010Civic HallBook Now
Stewart Francis - Tour De Francis 2nd dateSaturday 02/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Paul ZerdinWednesday 06/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Lee Nelson's Well Good Tour - 2nd dateThursday 07/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Comedy Club: Paul McCaffrey & Nick HelmThursday 07/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Mitch Benn and The DistractionsFriday 08/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Pete Firman - Jokes & TricksTuesday 12/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Stewart Lee - Vegetable StewThursday 14/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Sean Lock - Lockipedia - Extra DateFriday 15/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Jim Davidson - Live at West Bromwich Town HallSaturday 16/10/2010West Bromwich Town HallBook Now
Al Murray The Pub Landlord - Barrel of FunWednesday 20/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Ross NobleFriday 22/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Josie Long - Be Honourable!Sunday 24/10/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Dara O'Briain - Extra dateMonday 25/10/2010Civic HallBook Now
Jim JefferiesFriday 29/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
The Big Comedy Jam, Halloween SpecialSaturday 30/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Rich HallSunday 31/10/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
3 Daft MonkeysWednesday 03/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Isy SuttieThursday 04/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Jimmy Carr - Laughter TherapyFriday 05/11/2010Civic HallBook Now
Andrew Lawrence: Too ugly for TV TourThursday 18/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Alun CochraneMonday 22/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Hal CruttendenThursday 25/11/2010The Slade RoomsBook Now
Roy Chubby Brown - Live at West Bromwich Town HallSaturday 27/11/2010West Bromwich Town HallBook Now
Micky Flanagan - Extra Date Due to Demand!Sunday 28/11/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Mark Watson - LiveWednesday 01/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Felix DexterSunday 05/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Kevin BridgesWednesday 15/12/2010Wulfrun HallBook Now
Ken DoddSunday 19/12/2010Civic HallBook Now
Roy Chubby BrownMonday 20/12/2010Civic HallBook Now
Stephen K. AmosMonday 24/01/2011Civic HallBook Now
Milton Jones - 'The Lion Whisperer'Thursday 27/01/2011Wulfrun HallBook Now
Andi OshoSunday 06/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Russell Kane - Smokescreens and CastlesThursday 10/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Craig CampbellFriday 25/02/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now
Sarah Millican Chatterbox - Extra DateSunday 06/03/2011Wulfrun HallBook Now
Lenny Henry: Cradle To RaveThursday 10/03/2011Civic HallBook Now
Simon Munnery: Self-EmployedSaturday 12/03/2011The Slade RoomsBook Now

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