Monday, 1 February 2010

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls: Little Civic 30th Jan 2010

Miles Hunt is pretty well known in these 'ere parts for his role as as frontman of local legends The Wonder Stuff.

Here we see him in a different context - playing acoustically with band's strikingly beautiful violinist Erica Nockalls.

With two albums already under their belts, the pair are a joy to watch on stage, peforming both songs from their own back catalogue, and some Wonder Stuff favourites.

But it was in-between the songs that things got interesting - with Miles, ever the storyteller, regailing us with some gems from The Wonder Stuff's history (for example, did you know that Kirsty MacColl ended up singing on Welcome to the Cheap Seats after Miles drunkenly met her in a studio corridor during the recording of the Never Love Elvis album?, or that members of the Wonder Stuff performed an impromptu piano version of Danny Boy backstage with Kris from Nirvana and members of Faith No More?)

Miles is a charming and engaging story teller, although clearly not engaging enough for the members of the audience who insisted on talking loudly throughout. They were put in their place by being told, in no uncertain terms, to "f*** off to the bar".

Tracks from the band's second album HUP featured heavily as it is to be the subject of several shows this spring. The band are recording it for a new deluxe version, as well as a DVD coming soon of their recent Birmingham HUP show!

In fact, Erica and Miles are a busy pair, planning a second Shared project this year, the first of which saw them work with the likes of Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) and Nick Heyward. With the dream of taking over the small stage at a festival this summer with Shared 2's lineup, it seems they've got their work cut out.

Yes, it is definitely an older and wiser Miles Hunt we see today. if you come along to a Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls show expecting the beer and anarchy of the old Stuffies days then you will be dissapointed. However, if you are happy to experience two musicians who come together to play feelgood folk and indie, and hear a damn good story to boot, then I guarantee you will leave with a wam fuzzy glow.

- Caroline

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