Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The #830question ... your thoughts

For the past few months we've been running something called the #830question. It's a general music question, whether its coming up with song suggestions, your thoughts on favourite musicians, etc - which we send out to Facebook and Twitter at 8.30am every day

A lot of you love it, and we've been having tonnes of fun.

In fact it was so popular that we decided to send the same question out again at 8.30pm in case people were missing it in the morning and might like to get involved.

So far, it's been a success with some new faces getting involved, which is great! However, I also know that some of you more regular Facebook users are seeing the same question appearing twice in your feed.

So, you decide - we'll keep running the evening question as well as the morning question for another week, but you can have your say on it via this little poll! We'd love your thoughts ...

(if the poll below doesn't appear in your browser - click here

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