Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lostprophets support acts details

Lostprophets will be bringing their rock to the Civic Hall on Friday - but we thought we'd familiarize ourselves with the support bands for the night, Attack Attack and The Dead Formats (tickets here)

Here's your crib sheet to each band so you can impress your friends, and some videos so you know some of the tunes!


Neil Starr (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Day (guitar/vocals), Will Davies (bass), Mike Griffiths (drums)
Hailing from Caerphilly in Wales
Their track "You and Me" is on Guitar Hero 5
Album came out in 2008 - (currently working on a new album)
Not to be confused with the American band Attack Attack! - who are metalcore and from Ohio


Glenn Wizik (guitar) Darren Ditton (vocals) Chris Spencer (guitar) Francis Waller (Vocals) Jon Poultan (bass)
James May (drums)
From Chelmsford, Essex
Sound: new wave/powerpo/alternative

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