Sunday, 28 March 2010

Meet Florence and the Machine support band, The Drums

We're just got details of who's supporting Florence and the Machine when she/they come to Wolverhampton in May: The Drums

If you don't know the name you might know this addictively catchy little ditty: (more songs below)

The Drums' 'Summertime!' EP is out now on Moshi Moshi / Island Records.

Oh, and I found this blog post where you can download some of their tracks for FREE - get in there! HERE

And check out their Myspace as well

Now the Florence show it TOTALLY sold out - but how about these shows instead?

Blak Can (formerly The Priory) | Saturday 3 April 2010 | The Slade Rooms
Plus The City Lightz & Deluka

Electronic rhythm, synthesizer, guitar and vocals that slice through your soul; that's the unique sound of the Wolverhampton's Blak Can. The purity of lyrics and dimension of songs compels the most hardened of us to face our demons. Live, they cut it like no other; a presentation of pure passion.

The Molotovs | Sunday 4 April 2010 | The Slade Rooms
Plus Pan And The Poets & Goodnight Lenin

All but one of us met at a party in Oxford, the sort which goes on far too long, ceases to be a party, and instead becomes an endurance test. To pass the time, we picked up instruments and played. The fifth member was met during the protracted hang over.
Visit this artist's website

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