Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mayhem freaks and anarchic violinists - Circus of Horror and Emilie Autumn

If you're a fan of the weird, wonderful and downright disturbing then welcome to Wolverhampton this week, freaks!

First up - the chaotic and colourful clash of gothic-lovely Emilie Autumn. Singer, songwriter, anarchic violinist - this is a
crazy mix of classical, punk, burlesque and rock. Still not convinced?: check out her Myspace HERE

We'll also be catching up with Emilie backstage on Friday, so don't forget to come back!


And for the slightly stronger of constitution - Circus of Horrors: Day of the Dead (i'm not sure I'm QUITE tough enough for this one ;-))

Rock tunes, gore, circus acts and mayhem - if you like your tunes loud and your films bloody then this is definitely for you!

It amazing to think that this theatre company has been touring for 15 years, and I haven't been dragged along to it yet!


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